How much sag?

Hi everyone, new here, new 450 and a question already. How much sag should you run on the bike? It has about 6 hours on it at the moment, so I think everything should be settled in. I have set 100mm with me sat on the bike. When I measure the sag with the bike supporting its own weight it only sags about 10mm. Does this mean I should get a heavier spring or is this OK? It seems that I had to wind on quite a bit of preload. Any thoughts?

You should run a heavier spring. You can get the same sag without running as much preload. Were you in full gear when you did your measurements? If not, then run a heavier spring for sure.

I'd go to the next step harder, maybe two steps....what do you wheigh?

Thanks for your input guys, I weigh 14 stones or 200 pounds in riding gear, and the measurements were taken with me wearing my gear. I haven't ridden the bike since adjusting the sag, I'll see how it feels on the weekend. I think a heavier spring may be the way forward though.

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