Want to by 01 WR tank with graphics

I recently cracked the tank on my 01 bike . Does anybody have an extra WR tank with graphics laying around for an 01 :)

If you go to the WR tank, you'll have to get a WR seat too. I'd buy a Clarke or IMS YZ tank if I were you.

Thats my problem I already have the WR seat .

Yeah I do have an 01 YZ426F. But, I traded seat/tank with another TT member at one time . He wanted better handling on the tight mx tracks for his WR . I wanted mor fuel capacity and didnt care how the seat fit. I ride more trail and on the river in the winter ( with studded tires ) . We run wide open at times for quite a few miles and the small tank didnt work out well for my needs. So here we are . I want an 01 WR tank to match my seats and stock graphics. I want to keep my bike nice and clean and well kept looking.I might try to JB Weld the tank . The crack in my tank is right where an elbow on my left radiator is. I dumped my bike coming into a corner with way too much fresh dirt placed there ,landed on my right side crushed my ankle and cracked the left side of my tank . Dont ask me how that is even possible but it happened. I wish somebody could hook me up . It seems like when i'm not looking for one of these tanks , everybody and there mother is trying to get rid of one. By the way how is the Pro Meg pipe working out for you ?

i have an 01 wr seat tank only used a few times before i switched to the yz stuff. great condition w/graphics. you'll have to use your petcock, cap, and seat mount. sorry i posted this instead of a reply.

I thought your bike was a yz and you should have a yz seat too. If not disregard. If so, I have a 3.2 gallon IMS tank with new petcock and some shrouds I will throw in if you would like it. $100 plus shipping.

The pipe is sweet. I have only tried it so far with the same setup you sent it with and I loveit. I have yet to get to a track with it, but I can tell even in the woods that it has way more low end snap. Thanks again.


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