02' WR426 Free Mods

Hello everyone, I'm the proud new owner of a new 02' Wr426. I've read thru hundreds of posts for the free mods for the 250's. Can anyone tell me which one's work for the 02' 426. and which ones need to be done before the other's?? :thumbsup: and if anyone has any info. on how to make it street legal in Michigan.


Try this. This weblink should answer enough questions to keep you busy for a while!


Making a bike street legal in Michigan is easy. You need the following:

Headlight with high/lo beam


Horn (can even be off of a tricycle)

Brake light

DOT Knobbies

That is it, your hands qualify for turn signals. I may have forgotten something however a form is available at the Secretary of State that has the necessary mods. You will need to get this form signed by a police to convert your title from off-road to street.

The electrical work is easy. If you want detailed info let me know.

Ya, Pooly Any info. that I can get would be great. Can't afford the 500.00 dual sport kits right now. I live in Clare Mi. so I would like to have it street legal to ride it to the trails instead of the whole trailer thing.

Thanks Don :thumbsup:

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