scrapped getting a WR400....YZ426 here I come

Well, I've been looking for a good WR400 to buy for awhile now, and nothing was coming up. But there are tons of YZ426's out there in my price range. I thought I wanted the WR since I'll primarily be trail riding, but after some additional research, I think the YZ is going to be as good, if not better, than the WR for the trails around Boise. Anyway, hopefully I'll find one this week/weekend!

you will love the 426. THere is a wealth of information here on TT and from the members to make the bike do whatever you want it to. It is a more capable bike.

I opted for the YZ instead of the WR and am glad I did so. When you want to really let'r rip you've got more than enough power (I go 6'1" 225lb), and as far as I'm concerned it's plenty nimble for the trails. She's got the "bwwwalllls" to power you out of any quad rut you come across!!

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