would the 02 426 alum subframe fit a 400 ?

wondering if the 02 426 subframe would fit a 400 i know they are different in the tubing and what not but do they mount the same ? and could it be altered to fit ?

I believe they are interchangable. May want to double check with Yamaha or one of the aftermarket companies before you buy one though.

from looking at all the stuff all the mounts appear to be the same but your right i need someone who knows for sure to give the ok

I believe that they are indeed interchangeable.


I haven't looked thru their website for these particular bikes so just see if the part numbers are the same.

their alum subframe is round tubing and it says it would fit through 2000 but i think the square tubing from the 02 model would still work but i don't know if they change any of the mounting or frame ergos on it in 02 ?

Is the air box mounting the same? I thought that was the change, but I am not sure.

it appears to be the same

I have a subframe and airbox from an '02 426 for sale if you need. . .

another question anyone have any idea how much weight the alum subframe would save over the stock steel ?

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