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Hans Schmid

Race Season Training

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In conjunction with my season with the new Kawi KX450X I thought I would also outline some of my on/off bike training and diet, as well race results and such. I do race Pro in our local Provincial series. 

-Some of the challenges I face is being a bit older then my competitors, my family and being a business owner. Time is what I don't have a lot of. Earlier in the season some of my bike training will have to be done earlier in the morning using lights to guide my way. I go to bed at 8pm and up at 3:10 every morning. 

-For sleep I use blue blockers at 5pm onwards, melatonin at 7:30. No stimulates or such after 1pm as that's kinda my threshold for tolerance. I do not smoke weed regularly, but occasionally averaging 1-2x per month. I do not drink either. 

-My current stats are 193.8lbs, 5,11 and 39yrs old

-Since Nov 14, 2019 I've been consistent with a gym routine, scaling between 4-6 days a week. 2020 saw no racing and in turn I continued to work consistently on the gym but on a size and strength building program.

-Some of the pluses of a steady gym routine have shown strength increases with my max single lifts at 475lb deadlift, 405lb squat and 245lb bench. Unfortunately the strength alone does not carry over well to off-road racing. Flexibility and cardio have not really reduced as my job is active. I generally walk 10+ miles per day. 

-Going into 2021 I've committed to scaling back the gym routines to 3x per week, riding 2x per week with racing on Sundays. My gym routine is performance based with minimal size gains, but increased power output and explosive strength. As detailed with photos, you get an outline of the first 3 weeks of my program. The program is switched after 3 weeks to avoid adaptation. And as the racing gets closer the reps are increased and the weight itself is decreased (aka more volume). Some cardio may be performed based on weather, access to ride, conditions, etc. 

-I'm currently in a calories deficit (about 2600-2700cal) to reduce my body weight (ideally fat) to 185lbs coming into the first race of 2021. I want to be between 180-185lbs during the season as I feel both stronger and lighter. TDEE puts me at about 3400cal per day for maintenance. Once racing starts I will adjust my calories according to my energy levels. I don't specifically track calories, but have a pretty good scale when in comes to intuitive eating. I eat 3 meals a day, with a protein shake around 9am, 2pm and 7pm. Breakfast varies from eggs, toast and bacon, to French toast, to oatmeal. Lunch is generally what yesterdays dinner was. Items such as chicken and rice, salads, tacos, chilli, etc. Dinner is anything from steak and potatoes, lasagna, sausages, etc. I eat a rounded diet, not Keto/Paleo/Vegan/Meat only, etc... 

-I won't be specific to macros but targeting 200-220g of protein per day to keep the same muscle mass on. As well, protein with every meal. I do supplement with creatine, fish oil, Thorne Multivitamin, EAAs and occasionally pre workout. Caffeine averages about 400mg per day total. 

Riding is to be done on Tuesday/Thursday. Tuesday will be long steady state while Thursday will be 2-20min motos, scaling up to 25min, to 30min, to 35min, to 40min motos. Racing on Sunday with Saturday being reserved for pre-riding. If there is no racing Sunday, I will still ride but likely ot be a casual outing with friends or family, working on skills. 

-Picture of my first 3 weeks of my program and my current body condition. 






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As it's cold as balls out, I am currently doing 1-1:15hrs on the elliptical as well my current lifting routine. Generally I pushing to burn a minimum of about 3500 calories per day but have been able to scale higher due to having more recovery time. 

I use a Polar M430 to track my workouts. An example of yesterdays output, as well as Januarys total. The red dots are workouts. Total monthly steps, distance traveled and calories... 




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I need to step my game up. Big time. I'm starting to run low on natural talent and youth. Lol

Good for you man. I also own a business, and that isn't easy.

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A really good clip from Jeff Nippard regarding leaning out and fat lose. I value videos like this as they are realistic, and over a long term approach. Not pumped up for dramatic changes over a short period. 


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Working on loosening and stretching weak areas on my body. Generally it takes me about 30-40min to complete a total routine, working specifically on my hips, knees and shoulders. 90/90 Combat Stretches are probably some of the best stretches for us bikers... 

Also put 1hr of cardio down on the elliptical as it's ease in the knees and gets the whole body moving... 



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This week's training has been solid... Rough daily caloric intake is about 2400-2600 calories per day... I'll know on Monday if I'm on target but I'm shooting for about 1% weight lose per week which is roughly 1.9 pounds... 

Thursday I was feeling pretty good so I headed up 2-1hr cardio workouts. I did up my calories for the day as to have enough energy for todays workout. I've been working consistently on my rotational exercises for shoulder stability. The shorter main workouts allow me to finish early and work with both bands and stretching to keep things loose. 

Total calories burn and steps for Thursday... 

Hoping to get some moto in this weekend too... 


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2 hours ago, k.g said:

What are you doing for regular meals, and race day meals?

Average kinda day

Breakfast @ 6am

-1 cup oatmeal with 60g protein powder mixed in (various flavor), or 4 pieces of French Toast with Muscle Egg and Protein Shake

Snack @ 9am

-Protein shake and 1 cup raspberries 

Lunch @ 1130am

-Last night's dinner (porkchops, steak, chicken, lasagna, beats, potatoes... If nothing is available I'll have a salad with 2 hardboiled eggs, low calorie dressing and chicken breast

Snack @ 2pm

-Protein shake with some carb like a rice cake

Dinner @ 5pm

-Steak, chicken, pork, fish, squash, potatoes, beets, tacos, rice, etc

Snack @ 7pm

-Protein Shake 

Race day? Not quite sure... Eggs, bacon, PB&J sandwich... Generally I don't eat much but after a race, in some cases I've felt terrible. I'll be playing more as more terrain opens up and I'm able to put some decent riding in. 




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