450F or 250F?? i'm old ,i'm weak..........

im 225lbs and my modified 250 was a rocketship for me, i raced expert a class and occasionally finished top 10. now im on my 426f which is slightly faster, and ims till doing good. All ims aying is that 190lbs is fine for a 250. you MAY have to do more maintanance to keep it in tip top shape, but that can be expected out of EVERY bike that is being raced.



How much weight difference is there between the new 450 and the old 250? :) That may make all the difference in the world. Just a thought.

EDAREUS, yeah i guess i need to consider the weight, i'm not really sure exactly how much the 400 weights, i know it's heavier than current 426's but i'm not sure how much, whats the current 02 250 weight??

02 YZ250F weighs 216 lbs

O.K. guys new bike time, descisions,450f,250f?? right now i'm on a 400F, it's a great bike and has served me well but at the ripe age of 42 I cant moto as long as I used to, I think the bikes weight is starting to get to me, I rode a friends 02 250f the other day and I flew on it, my friend commented "man you looked like a different person on my bike, you were going fast as some pros i've seen" well along with blowing up my old ego he was right, now to the other part, I was having to dog the crap out of it hitting the limiter almost on every straight, now i'm thinking I would like a 250, it would be easier on my old bones and I could ride it longer and faster without getting tired so fast but at 195lbs am I too heavy for it?? It just dosent have the wheel-toteing power of my 400 maybe because of my weight. Some of you over 190# older guys chime in here with your thoughts, I do ride some cross-country some and some trail riding on occasion. I'm just afraid of a 250's longivity with me having to thrash it constantly to go fast on it. Jimbo

221 lbs for 03 450f....Im sure u will be better on the 450f since its almost same weight but with much more power...

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