Notchy shifting 450s

I'm new here (this is my first post) and I would like to say that this place is awsome, so much info! Anyway I just wanted to see if any of you are having problems with notchy, hard shifting on your yz450fs. On mine sometime I would almost have to slam into fist sometimes. That was until an old racer at a local dealer gave me some advice. He basicly said to "clean up the shifting segment" Basicly what you do is remove the right side case (not just the clutch clover but the whole side) find the segment wich is behind the clutch to the lower right and clean it up using a demel tool. For those of you who have the 04 yzf and still own the manuel there is a parts break down of the right side on page 4-70. The segment is part #23 and you clean up the inside "star" shaped area. to gain access to each area just click your shifter. On mine the edges were all kinda rough with little burs and stuff on them. I cleaned up the outside edges with a small demel bit (a stone). I just finished this up on my own 04 450F and found it make a night and day difference. It shifts like butter now. I just wanted to pass on some helpful tips. Thanks for reading.

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