Whats Faster?

MY Cuzin is Bringing his 99' YZ400F and my other Cuzin has a 01' cr250 (Both Stock). And I want to place some bets on Who will win on this dirt road we have, its about 1/2 mile. Who will win on accel, and who will win on top end? Thanks,

Ryan :)

the honda 2 stroke motors are below par in the power department, 400 should win on the bottom and most likely should win on top

What about an 00 RM250 with PC pipes?

I have a 99 yz400 and a buddy of mine has a 97 cr250. In a serious race it is about 50/50. This is mostly on gravel roads or flat sand. It depends on who gets the hole shot. Neither of us ever really pull away from the other. His suspension has been done and I have a 12oz flywheel, other than that both bike are stock.

id put my money on the 400 if the rider has any experience. cr's suck as far as power goes.

Actually I think this depends on who is getting better rear wheel traction, the 4-stroke has a design advantage in that department, but if the honda has a new tire, watch out. The difference in pull/speed between a new tire and worn tire is substantial. On dirt you never have 100% traction. With a new tire it may be as good as 95% but a worn tire wont give you even close to 100% traction. on dirt, you are always slipping, its just a matter of how much.


I would have to say that the 250 would start out faster, but once the 400 gets up to speed, it will blow past.

Well here is the answer from the horses mouth.

My two buddies happen to have these exact two bikes. 99 400 and 01 250. We have all kinds of drag races and I beat them everytime on my 426!!! Then 2nd in take off would have to be 400 and 3rd 250. But this is only cause 250 guy spins too much. But in the top end department 250 wins most the time. You have to realize that we are at the most one bike length behind eachother on top end.

Add the WR tranny and the 2-smokes all die in a top speed battle :):D:D

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