Houston NIGHT tracks

Are there any decent NIGHT tracks in the Houston area? i am a bit tired of the 95f and 80% humidity lately....

And by decent night tracks, i mean something other than Seguin's track and it's rock hard, unprepped, blue groove crap :)

Basically, any night track that has heard of watering the track before we ride on it.

Any suggestions?

Highlands- 281-843-6686

Highlands has night practice Tues and Thurs and is always prepped before night practices. The track is fairly technical (most of the pics of me on my website are from Highlands) The dirt is hard when not prepped but perfect for a 755/756 tires when prepped.

Longhorn MX (just east of Beaumont) has a covered in arenacross track...if this rain keeps up tomorrow then me and 5-6 of my friends from work will head out there on Sunday (hey Jaybird67k where you riding at this weekend?) Later,


3 Palms MX in Conroe is a great track. Night practice is Wed/Fri nights from 5-10PM. www.esetrackbuilders.com for the phone number.

Skeeters is in the process of building a night track. Skeeters is located off of FM517 in between I45 South and Hwy 35.

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