finally got my 450 today....

Well, traded in the old 426 today for the 450. Dealers don't give anything for an '02 426. Can't blame them though, I tried to sell my bike for awhile with no real bites. The wife got a new bike too, traded in her TTR 125 for a RM 85. I know it is a 2 stroke, but that is what she wanted. I can't wait to ride, but it has been raining all week and is supposed keep raining through the weekend here in Houston. I guess all I can do is admire the beast until the rain stops.


You gonna like it! :thumbsup:

im jealous because when you do get to go riding you get fresh mud! wish it was like that here in socal.

I got one too, and boy are they powerfull, and lite.

You will notice your lap times increas at the first time.

This bike builds confidence real fast!!!!!!!!

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

What did they give you for your trade in, btw?

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