SL vs SH on oil whats the difference

I got 10-40 SL from costco will it work? :)

I understand that 10/40 in vehicle applications has not high test results. To me oil is a cheap preventive maintenance so I use the Valvoline VR1 20w-50 and change it every 4 hours. Just my penny's worth.

If it says "energy conserving" on it (I think these are the magic words?) then don't use it. It may have additives that will make your clutch slip.

The letters mean the oil meets different standards. I'm not sure if SL meets the same requirements as SH.

look at the little circle on the bottle, if it says energy conserving on the botton then don't use it. I like to stay away from car oils. I use yamalube or some other motorcycle specific oil.

As the letter gets higher into the alphabet, it has met stricter test limits and has ALL the properties of the one preceding it. In other words, the oils with the "L" designation meets the "J" and "H" designations and even surpasses them by meeting the "L" test. My truck owner's manual even states to use an oil with the "SJ" designation OR higher.

So can I use the SL chevron 10-40 from Costco or should I just pay the three bucks or more for the motorcycle oil from the dealer. When I went to the dealer they told me that the motorcycle oil has additives that also keep the clutch lubricated. Do any of you use regular car oil?

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