WR on the track after seat and tank mod

Since you have the tank off and you are talking about riding it on the track, you might as well YZ time the thing to make it a little more fun. :thumbsup:

See, told ya. Now you're thinking about it... Gonna be subconsciously conserving money day in and day out. Then one day you're gonna be like.. well crap.. I have 400 bucks to spare. Hrmmmmmmmmmm. :thumbsup:


Yeah, but the YZ timing mod is FREE :thumbsup: and it really wakes up your bike.

Yeah, but the YZ timing mod is FREE :thumbsup: and it really wakes up your bike.

Maybe I will look into it then.

Where is the best place to buy a YZ tank and seat?


ThumperTalk classifieds or eBay :thumbsup:

I have an aftermarket YZ tall seat(very plush) that I will sell for $30. Sure wish it would fit my 04 WR.


It does okay but still feels heavy. The stock WR exhaust is a boat anchor.

The tank and seat make it handle so much better and you can get a lot farther forward on the bike. Did you buy a stock YZ tank or an aftermarket one the same size as a stocker? I have the IMS 3.3 gallon YZ tank and it moves you nearly 4" farther forward on the bike.

It is a used OEM YZ tank. I can't wait to see what the difference is. I thought about the exhaust. But for now gonna keep the stock on there. Trying not to spend too much $$$

Just so happens I have a stock YZ pipe laying around with no end cap on. All you will need to do is buy the ProMoto Billet end cap and your good to go. Its yours, just pay for shipping :lol:

By the way its finished in Black Wrinkle, looks very cool. You will never put the stock tank & seat on again once you ride it with the YZ stuff :thumbsup:

Steve, I sent you a PM. I'll most likely take the pipe. :thumbsup:


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