Kick stand on MX track

Will the PMB or Trail tech come down (deploy) off a big jump? Can I hit the whoops and other obsticals without a problem?

Any other brands that you may suggest?


Why don't you take the kickstand off when you ride on the track? :thumbsup::devil:

As stated before, it's only one bolt to take off. BUt I don't think it would be a problem, the PBM sticks WAY up under the side panels so it should stay put, but if you are worried, you could always take some thin string nd tie it up. Although if you go to that much work, you might as well have unbolted it to begin with... :thumbsup:

Some promoters here in MI make you take the kickstand off, even if the bike is a model that came with one. Might want to check your local tracks.

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