Valve adjustment

How long should it take me to adjust the valves on my 450? I am pretty handy with tools so I am hoping it wont take too long. I used to adjust the valves on my ktm 520sx with no problem. I'm wondering how diffrent the yz450 is compared to the 520sx??? :devil: By the way I like my 450 better than my old 520sx! :awww::thumbsup:

It won't take that long to remove the tank, head stay brackets, the spark plug and then the top cover.

Then you must measure the valve clearances. Where it becomes time consuming is if you have to actually reshim the valves. That requires removal of the cam chain and cams and getting the correct shims from the dealer.

Basically you could check them in less than an hour just to ensure they are in proper spec.

Here are Garrett's instructions for adjusting the valves on a YZF (400-426). The 450 will be basically the same procedure. Check the 450 shop manual for proper valve clearances and the chart for the proper shim size.

Adjusting YZF Valves

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