Anyone try Johnson Paste Wax on their boots

I guess this is the week to really clean my riding gear and since I've got the boots scrubbed pretty clean I was thinking about using some polish on them for water proofing and general maintenance. Anyhow, I've got some Johnson Paste Wax in the garage that I use to protect the surface on my wood tools machined surfaces and I thought it might work good on the boots too. So.....anyone ever try it?

Never tried that, I use Armor All to keep dirt off boots.


I didn't hear anything so I went ahead and put it on anyhow. I'm really looking for something that might help protect the boots by keeping the leather from drying out and I thought this might help. I've seen the Alpenstar boot conditioner/paste/wax or whatever they call it and this stuff I tried probably isn't much different, just alot cheaper. Of course, it's hard to tell right away if it's doing any good or not but at $300 bucks a pair I wanted to try something.

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