Overly sensitive fuel screw

I went to my first MX practice last night and I had my bike running really well before I went. But I usually let it cool off before I go riding in the desert. Well when we started it was about 115 degrees, hot enough to melt the glue under the the graphics, and my bike wasn't running very good at all. It has a little stall and a bog when you crack the throttle open and then takes off, not a problem unless I'm rolling through the whoops very slowly and it dies. I had thought that my fuel screw had worked its way loose but when it coold off my bike ran much better. Any suggestions, I know that I should just get the Kouba T-handle fuel screw but I'm trying to save money for college.

go to motoman 393's web site.


He has instructions for an extended fuel screw. It is so easy to use, I can almost adjust it while I ride.

Alright thanks

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