YZ 450 VS. CRF 450

Which Bike Has The Best Overall Performance

Depends on the type riding you do. You asked a really broad question :thumbsup: What kind of answer are you looking for.......that the YZ makes .8 more hp :devil:

i own 03 yzf 450 & 04 crf 450 some tracks i'm faster on the yz others on the crf in a drag race on the street the yz puts the honda on the trailer but on holeshots the crf is faster to the first turn

Which do you like better, red or blue?? :thumbsup:

i love both bikes if it were between 03 and 04 i would take the 04 but be fair i have not rode 04 yzf if it is alot better then the 03 who knows .but i sure like hit of the yz

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