This is a REAL 450

Anybody who knows FFRacing (Tdub), knows that he has the baddest YZ on the block. Well I thought I would share some of these pics with you and let you know that I have been invited to take this 60+hp beast for a spin :devil:. I know this will be the most exhilirating ride of any YZ out there. I am really looking forward to this rare opportunity and I will be sure to have a full report to share with you. Just in case any of you are thinking about any engine work, Tryce and RHC are the best in the biz and will make a rocket out of whatever ya got :awww:. I am also in the process of doing all the RHC mods to my bike after Tryce's persuasion that I can look good AND go fast :thumbsup:. I can't wait.



Sounds pretty good, but I still havn't found the thrill of racing a motocross bike on pavement. :thumbsup:

PAVEMENT??? This bike is strictly for dirt!

Yep, its a dirt tracker from hell :thumbsup:

Asphalt my ass!!!




By the way, that is NATIONAL #97 riding the AMA GNC Series. This bike was the 3rd fastest qualifier at the Springfield ST...and one of 3 DTX(stock frame) bikes to make the Main at the Springfield MILE this year(out of 18). And one of 3 450s to make the main out of 18 that were 505s.

PAVEMENT??? This bike is strictly for dirt!

Doh! I knew that too, I appologise for my stupidity :devil:

Atleast you are still racing on dirt, I just don't understand those super motard guys, sounds like a sport they'd have over in Europe or something :thumbsup:

To each their own I guess... :thumbsup:

I enjoy a good supermoto race from time to time. In fact, I know guys that ride pure sportbikes that say they get a rush from their supermoto bike they just can't get from their sportbike.

Why diss an up and coming sport just because you just don't "get it?"

Btw, nice flat track bike. :devil:

I'm not really putting it down, like you said, I just don't get it. I don't have any problem with it though. :thumbsup:

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