powdercoated hub

I just powdercoated this hub. and it turned out great! I had heard that powdercoating doesn't work well on stock hubs for some reason.

What do you guys think? It was an old broken hub that i just decided to try and see how it would turn out....



Looks cool. Could you do mine in blue? :)


I think the problem is with anodising the hubs, not powdercoating them...


Oh!, annodizing... that's what it was. Because i was gonna say, the powdercoating turned out well. Mxrider 426, email me or PM me if you want me to do yours. I am not a professional, but get some pretty good results from what i do like this hub.

Let me know...

Powercoating rules!! We powdercoat things at work all of the time. It's amazing how hard the stuff is. As far as painting it's really hard to beat PC'n. Nice hub

I noticed the powdercoating is also pretty flexible. If i hit the hub with the side of the hammer (sharp), then a little piece of about a millimeter will chip off. If i hit it straight on with the hammer (pretty hard too!) then it doesnt even chip. Heck, you can't even tell it was hit except for the dent.

I want to powdercoat a hub and actually put it on a bike. I am curious as to how long it would hold up. I was amazed by the durability. I also powdercoated this...


After the bike falling on its side a few times, lots of tree branches hitting it, and my boots rubbing on it... the mastery cylinder guard still looks brand new and shiny! I love this stuff!

Soooo are you powder coating at home or work?

just at home... why do you ask?

I was just kidding. Maybe if I ever have my wheels apart.

A quick summary of your equipment & materials would be nice... we could all powdercoat at home... I like that stuff, and yes, it is durable... I polish little things, but not everything takes a shine so well...


I just bought a home powdercoating kit. Basically you have to hook an electric current up to the hub so the powder will stick. Then bake it like cookies :)

But then there was the few times i forgot to turn the electricity on. I got a nice smooth coat of powder on, but it all fell off when i picked it up, lol.

As far as materials go... you need an oven, the powdercoating kit, gas mask (to keep powder from getting in lungs). :D

Where did u get the powdercoating kit?

How Much?

full kit with 2 lbs. powdercoating at columbiacoatings.com for around $100

How about polishing the hub then clear powdercoat?

Has anyone seen the kit from Eastwood (I believe.) It is talked about on all of the hot rodding shows. It is a do it your self kit also. I can't remember the cost, but it looked pretty nice.

Wouldn't it be kind of hard to polish a hub that it made of such crappy metal? They are pretty rough.

Only ceratin parts of the bike polish well, it depends on the base material, it's alloy composition and grain structure, and the existing finish on it. Powder coating is ideal for steel and the alloys like hubs that don't polish well... My stock bottom triple clamp came up OK on a calico buff, but the hubs just wouldn't work so I didn't bother. Same for the engine cases - wrong materials to polish. If you bother to do the swingarm, best to clear coat it to protect the hard won shine...

I am going to have to get me some powders... looks cool!


I have used the Eastwood kit and it works darn well. I think one advantage of using a home kit vs. a shop doing it is that you can be in more control of how thick it goes on. I've seen shops do frames and lay it on so thick that they completely cover the VIN and lot of areas had to be ground so that the swing arm and motor would fit back it. I did my Hodaka frame and it turned out awesome and it didn't fill in the VIN number. Pretty much looks like that hub.

Eastwood has all kinds of colors. I can't remember the price I think it was around $150.


Highly recommended

nice resort!

Ya nice link there big guy, next time Im off to niagra falls, I know where to stay :)

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