Power bomb header

Has anyone tried a FMF power bomb header on their XR600? If so, did it produce noticeable results? Was it quieter than without the power bomb?

I have one on my XRL650. Other than a little more top end, I didn't notice anything substantial. It looks good though. I'm not sure it looks $200 better than before but better none the less. Quieter? Nope, noticed absolutely nothing there. Maybe if I put a cam in and did some headwork it might give me a little more than stock but face it. Making a 340lb bike go fast is fun but still doesn't help me in the tight stuff. Anyone want a nice XRL??

Thanks for the reply, uw. That about answers my question. I may get the ss header without the power bomb chamber. Again, thanks.

Anytime. I have asked so many questions and received so much good info on this forum. That's the least I can do to share what I have learned. :thumbsup:

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