wr 450 lowering link ?

There was talk some time ago about a lowering link being made for the 450.I believe it may have been by zip tie.Has any one seen one of these and how do they work?.If so could you post a link to the site.

Thanks dave.

I know ballards(www.ballards.cc) carry lowering links. Although I can't find any info about the links on the website, I'm looking at their catalogue right now and can see the lowering link on page 17 of the catalogue.

Here's a description.

Lowering Links

Made by Devol in the USA. The links lowers the seat height for a lower center of gravity and easier mounting/dismounting.

Have to call them for a price on a link for the WR but I'm sure they can help you out. Avg price seems to be around $130-40 and seems to lower the seat by around 30-40mm

Here's the number for ballards: 02 4731 1210

I called Mitch at Zip Ty Racing, he says they are still working on it but he doesn't know what progress they're making. If any of you get more info on the Devol links let us know.

Thanks i just looked in the ballards book and see it there.I shall contact them and post my results.

Thanks dave

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