Helmet Cam vid: SM at Western Speedway, June 23rd

well i finally got my helmet camera set up. too much fun. this is one of our normal wed night practices. i was dealing with nuked DOT's and hot stock brake {no brakes} syndrome. the vid is 3:30, 26mb, divx{4.02}.

first link hosted by "squidward" {thumpertalk.com}

Right click and "save target as"

SM practice vid

second link was hosted by "gixxer devil" {canadasportbike.com}

Right click and "save target as"

SM practice vid

thx allot for hosting guys. it is VERY important IMHO that this kind of shat stays FREE for the public........i payed enough {bike, DV cam, helmet cam,etc.}, individuals shouldn't have to pay :lol:.

if the vid doesn't play right, you need this.

Right click and "save target as"

DIVX ver 4.02, NO ad ware :lol:


shat, server isnt happy. i will fix the problem in the moring. sorry.

ok, vid download now working.

BIG thanx to nick@dirtcams.com {Squidward}.



That looks like so much fun :devil::awww:

What sort of tyres are you running?

And nice choice of song :thumbsup:

I can't download the DIVX drivers. Is there another place I can get these?

The video is awesome! :thumbsup: Looks like fun.

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