426 with lights?

I am newbie to the forum, and was hopeing maybe to be able to get some help.

I have a 2001 yz 426, and have been considering the possibilities of putting lights on it, just enough to make it street legal to ride to the trials. I found a 2002 WR stator and rotor, and was wondering if I would have trouble with my yz running lights with those. I have heard mixed stories, and a couple places I have called didn't really know either way. Said it would bolt up, but not sure if the YZ CDI would work with the WR stator and rotor. Any thoughts?

Oh yeah, wanted to let you know after spending 5 hours reading about using a 450 cam in a 426, I ordered a 450 ex cam for my bike. Now lets just hope I am not the first to have it fail...

Thanks for any input


2001 YZ426

93 ZX7

I think Electrex uses a WR lighting coil in their higher powered lighting set up for YZFs. Have you called them? They will probably want to sell you something, but they might part with some info.. :thumbsup:

Motoneering--dont you have something better to do?

goin' ridin' ever again?


Yes, the WR flywheel and stator do work with the YZ CDI once it has been modified. Check out www.electrexusa.com and it will show you how to re-wire the stator to work with the YZ CDI.

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