wheel bearing tip!

i change the front tire today and noticed that the bearings r stuck, i took them out and replaced them with a closed bearing. its a bearing with grease in it and its closed with a rubber from both sides.instead of 6904 its 6904vvcm. i think it will stay longer than the stock ones....

consider it when u replace yours - be aware that this kind of bearings r not for use inside oil - line in the gear or engine , but only in a places like the wheels etc.

hey gang,

is there a commercial bearing supply house that sells these types of wheel bearings (sealed or otherwise) via the 'net? i can't help but think that the prices MUST be better than at my local stealer, er i mean dealer.


jim aka the wrooster

Bearings are easy to find. Just look in the phone book under bearings, or ask around. Take the bearing to the supplier, or just read the numbers on the bearing and call around for prices.

A bearing supply store will be much cheaper w/ far superior quality. And yes, you will find SEALED bearings there.

Check for a Motion Industries store or if you can use a business purchase a Grainger store. Both are national businesses. I believe both may have websites,also. They carry or can readily get most bearings from high quality manufacturers for a fraction of a motorcycle manufacturer's or dealer's price. The bearings in your bike came from a big manufacturer, probably in Japan or China. very high quality U.S. made or even european bearings are readily available and you just need the number off of your stock bearing. The general contractor I work for uses bearing houses all the time rather than pay a repair or parts level price for the bearings. Most bearing houses can get you a catalog with tables for all the bearings in use. Just look in the phone book or call a machinist shop in your area :) .


Bill Barnard

Sorry Gal I did not look at your location. There should be a bearing supply house in Isreal. Just ask a machine shop or someone doine heavy equipment maintenance.

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