Just change rings?

Is it worth it to just change the rings if the bike seems slow but the piston is ok? Also would I have to rehone the cylinder to just change the rings if there is still a good cross hatch. Honestly I am just trying to save money because I also have to change the clutch too. The plates are fried.

Personally with the work to tear down the 4stroke I would replace the piston too.

Aaron is right...if your gonna break the engine down then replace it.

Have you ever seen a piston crack from fatigue, break and then get cocked sideways in the cylinder? Ugly!

Save a dime now and spend a dollar later.

You will not have to rehone the cylinder. Just make sure you mic the cylinder so you can order the right size piston.

Make sure the cylinder is still round (it should be), and if it is then it's most likely OK to use again. Be careful about honing the cylinder, it's plated. Make sure it's OK to hone before you do. Definitely replace the piston!

the eric gorr site has some good info on honing nikasil cylinders

You'll be fine by just changing the rings. If you change your oil and clean your air filter every 3-5 rides and don't abuse the bike above the norm of MXing it, you shouldn't have a problem.

I had a '02 426 and changed the ring pack after two years of fairly consistent weekend riding...at a sand track in Floresville, Tx. The cylinder was pristine, almost unbelievable with good cross hatchings. I popped in a stock size set of rings and it livened it up on the bottom to mid..where it should.

I'm 35 and still haul ass...I think. Good luck!

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