Zip Tye Fuel screw probs.


Installed the zip tye fuel screw last night and have some issues. This is on a YZ 400. When screw is installed it hits the bottom of the carb beside the bowl drain screw before it is seated. It is not hitting the drain screw but the bottom of the carb. Unless by some miracle it seats exactly when it touches carb, I have no idea where I am starting from. I did this late last night and have not tried to start the bike. Has anyone else had this problem???


There are two styles of Fuel screws that are available from Zip Ty. You probably have the screw for the newer style FCR carb. Check out ZIP TY Racings web site for pics of the two different screws.

Hey holeshot, Do you have a link for zip ty I tried but it didn't work. I called motosport outlet where I bought it from and they are only showing one screw for all models???



You are exactly right. I called white Bros. who distributes this part and they initially told me there was only one but after checking a little deeper the one sent to me will not fit the YZ 400. Thanks and sh#t I blew 2 hrs last night and now have to do it again to replace with the stock needle. And they also gave me the Zipty link.

Flog :thumbsup:

Sorry about the lost sleep time but the right screw will be worth the wait. :thumbsup:

Not to rag on you, but this time it should only take about an hour or less. Just pull the carb from the boots, dont disconnect the cables or anything but the fuel line and TPS.

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