largest jump ever cased!

hey everyone, what is the largest jump you've ever cased, or the worst crash you have been in? worst injury? Last week i cased a 100+ foot triple at freelin MX. landed directly ont he face of the landing. I was ok tho, the worst crash ive been in was when my bike rolled over me in the whoops and my footpeg sliced open my thiegh. My worst injury however was when i looped out on the face of a 50 foot double and landed on my chest, breaking 4 ribs, my sternum, and momentarily stopping my heart. Anybody else have a really bad crash, injury, case?

Sounds like you could use some riding lessons.... :):D

oh really? what was that? your an old fag who cant ride?



Worst crash I've ever had so far (and hopefully from here on out)

April 16th of this year.

Coming up to a big step up. It's probably 40-50 foot across, and the step is like 8-10 foot I think. I carried alot of speed through the turn, and coasted to scrub some speed. As I did that, I tapped into neutral, and didn't realize it, because I was coasting/braking. When I was climbing the face of the take off, I went to give it one last blip of throttle for take off, and nothing happened! Nose dived straight into the face of the step (I was told it looked just like Carmichael's crash at Anaheim I, except I was thrown into the bike, not off it.) and flipped.

Snapped my left scapula, a bit of a cut on my left side, and I lost the tip of my left pinky finger (amputation).

Bike took a snapped pair of Oberg triple clamps, smashed headset bearings, snapped clutch mount, and lever, bent bars, and bent subframe. The front tire was shoved into the rim, blowing it off the bead, and shoving a pound of dirt and rocks in the wheel!

hey hey hey now, no name calling

You guys make mine look small. I came up short on a 3rd gear double and landed right on the face of the second hill. Nothing broken, but it made one hell of a clank when everything bottomed and I had that nice tingly feeling from head to toe mixed with the feeling that I was now 1" shorter. I'm kinda glad that I don't have a better story than that. :)

The biggest jump I ever cased was a 140ft triple step up. I broke my collarbone and got a concussion due to it (thankfully that is all that happened)

Here is a video of me doing the 140ft triple step up CLICK HERE for the video. My friend Matt filmed this last weekend... the video is poor quality since I reduced the file size so that 56ker's can still view it (120kb) Later,


I'm gonna send a video of me smashing into the scoring tower to EGO so he can figure out how to post it.

I are to stoopid to do it.

We told you to do that in the first place :)

i cant wait to see this :D

I cased on a 160ft triple at cal city it was three mounds in the middle of the desert 3 feet short just bent my bars.then I cleared it a month later.The mounds were 20feet high.

I think that video will deserve it's own thread so we all don't miss it. :)

Beezer send it through PM or send a PM I will respond with a email you can send it to

The Biggist Case landing,

It was on the way out of 7-11 I ran right into the door as some one opened it, I dropped and shattered a case of Bud long necks, pluss breaking my nose again.

Man that pissed me off. :)

Dropping the Case not breaking me nose that happens all the time

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who started the insults rapture? i believe it was you if you read the post! and no im not an adult, just 17, but that doesnt mean i cant beat the living hell outta you at MX!

Vanilla Gorilla

"no im not an adult, just 17"

Therapture poked a little fun at you and you responded in a temper tantrum with foul language.

Have you ever thought about how you want to act as a mature adult?

HOLY NUTS MOTOMAN!! THAT jump looks like a freaking blast and a half!!! WHy can't we have something like that here?!!!!!!

Ours would have the second and third step at about a 45-50 degree angle, with a SHARP elevation change. :)

LOL Yeah it is a big jump. I will take some better video next weekend, where you can hear the engine just pinned WFO. Later,


Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla:

who started the insults rapture? i believe it was you if you read the post! and no im not an adult, just 17, but that doesnt mean i cant beat the living hell outta you at MX!

You continously prove your immaturity by replying back with insults, flames, and bad language. I seen your pics on your site, you look slow, sorry, but your riding style shows it. Maybe you aren't, but that's not the point. Also the derogatory and insulting "mutha f####" link you have on your site is pretty lame, and your site leaves a lot to be desired as well as far as content, and most of the links are broken. My original reply to you was not insulting, and I don't think anyone here will think it was. You also sent me a private message calling me a "B * T C H". How mature is that?

And besides..I really do doubt that you could beat me in MX...I truly think I have nothing to worry about, judging by your "track history" on this board, so to speak :D Your racist comments in other threads leaves a bit to be desired, as do your manners. Calling me an "old fag" is also a you speak from experience with old fags? :)

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death wish,

i know what you mean man, all the jumps around here at our MX tracks are all peaked double and the such, i want some rolling jumps and landings! even our table tops are only like 25 feet long but about 60 degrees straight up it seems like :)

Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla:

oh really? what was that? your an old fag who cant ride?

Got ya...anytime I can make an adult (are you) resort to silly name calling and insults, I know I have hit a nerve...



cpmpress it for DSL, those that are 56k they can wait :) any news on the 450 yet ?

Nilla G

That was not an insult, you owe therapture an appology, plus "KID" Its bad form, if you want to earn some respect and be takin serious, back off on the hate language.

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