largest jump ever cased!

I'll make a copy of the video this week and send it to the Motoman.

Awsome jump Garrett,

Now I truley miss not going with you guys after SX in Houston. Man that looks fun.



I will make some higher quality videos next weekend (I got rained out this weekend, yuk!) I havent found out anything new on the 450 yet, but when I do I will post what I know. It could be here Tomorrow or a month from now, we'll just have to wait and see. I am selling my Dads 98' XR400 if anyone is interested (the link is in my signature) he is getting my 426, when the 450 comes in!



I have some other videos of Splendora if you want to see the track. Here they are (all of them are low quality ~120kb) Enjoy,


1st video

2nd video

3rd video

4th video

5th video

6th video

7th video

8th video

and here are some pics from last weekend:





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You Da-Man Er Uh Da-Kid Uh Er Ahh Da-Tenagers

Man you just fast :D looks great

Hey who is the guy that with no shirt

Letme guess Hamburger

They Evac'd a kid out a weekend ago os so I heard from Holister who wasnt wearing a Shirt, The Ranger said his back and right arm / shoulder looked like it got stuck in a grinder. Said his rib cage was showing :)

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His name is Eric...he just got back from basic training and AIT in the army. He just happened to be riding when my friend Matt was taking pics at the end of the day.

I wouldnt ever ride with no shirt, I have experienced pain too many times to risk it even more. Thanks for the compliments,


I like how he has no jersey but did remember his chest protector. I bet he was nice and chafed after that sweaty dirty plastic rubbed his naked skin all day.

Wait a minute, that sounded kinda naughty. :)


I'm going to try and plan a trip down there Garrett. I have a buddy that lives in Houston I can stay with.

Is the track open this summer to the public?

Email me bro and we'll go riding

Garrett...I have some vacation scheduled, and me, loopout, and mxaddict are going to splendora very soon...I will let you know asap, I am looking forward to ripping on that baby! That dirt looks like primo roost material, a bit softer than Cycleranch. No problem there though, I "cut my mx teeth" riding in mostly sand so I can sandblast pretty heartily!

Looking forward to hooking up with you soon, just look for the 6'3" 240lb'er !!!! If I am lucky, I might have a 03 model soon....when the heck are they getting here anyways????


The track is called San Jacinto Cycle Park (located in Splendora, TX) Here are some directions: From Houston, take US Hwy 59 North, Splendora Exit, Right on FM 2090 approx. 1.5 miles, Left on Tram Rd. approx. .25 miles, Right on May Rd. to end of road. Phone #: 281-399-3278


You should have ridden after the Houston SX man, back when it was cool outside. Let me know when you come down...I work at a Yamaha dealership and only have Sundays and Mondays off (so those are the days I ride at Splendora, during the week I ride at Skeeters after work)


You need to come visit your brother that lives down here, and sneak over to Splendora one day LOL. Then I can hook you up with some pancakes :)


Let me know when you can come down. I only ride at Splendora on Sunday or Monday (since it is an hour drive from my house). During the week after work I ride at Skeeters, which is 15 mins away from my house. Those pics where taken at 6pm (at the end of the day) when the moisture was 0% you ought to see the track @ 10am when Robert gets through prepping the track, talk about WFO!!

My email is let me know when you guys want to go riding. I will be out there this coming Sunday around 9-10am (weather permitting...right now the tracks are probably under water from all this rain LOL) Later,


Hats off to Vanilla Gorilla, we have settled our differences in some PM's....heh. Hotheads we both can be! All is cool guys, let's get back to RIDING these darn things! :)

Originally posted by therapture:

Garrett...I have some vacation scheduled, and me, loopout, and mxaddict are going to splendora very soon...I will let you know asap...Looking forward to hooking up with you soon, just look for the 6'3" 240lb'er !!!!

Alright, now I'm holding you to it! Even if Loop has to stay home and babysit... :)

That track really is nice, great sandy dirt, very wide, and no peaky make it or die type jumps, even if they are big. I love riding there.

Here's a pic of that triple motoman is clearing in the video(you are entirely too good at this techno video stuff Garrett):


And this is a sequence shot(s) of going over it taken from just below the top:


:) Now you dont have an excuse therapture LOL You da man mxaddict.

well....looks like imma move to texas instead of california now :)

Originally posted by Kirtwell:


I'm going to try and plan a trip down there Garrett. I have a buddy that lives in Houston I can stay with.

Is the track open this summer to the public?

Is it just me, or does that track look well groomed, wide, and have safe looking jumps. Man, I wish they would do that around here. To me they all look like SX tracks instead of MX tracks.

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that's a very nice track in the photos. whats the name of it and where is it?

Yea I completely agree about that track, sure wish I could afford a trip somewhere like that. I see what a track is supposed to look like now, if you could see what I ride on you would really be thankful for what yall have down in TX. And Garrett your video was cool, biggest jump I ever cased was an 80ft double at our local track in Danville Va. (Birch creek) Couldn't have been anymore of a picture perfect case,it through me through the air about thirty feet, my ole 93' Kx250 was looking kinda rough after that crash, needless to say they have made that jump a little shorter since many people have gotten hurt on it. Garrett maybe you can send me some dirt off that track in a jar LOL so I can see what real track conditions are supposed to be like. LOL Frank

Ok TT Road trip were all going to Texas and stay at Motomans house.


Motoman can you mom cook pancakes for about 40 -50 guys :)

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Whenever you guys make plans for Splendora let me know plz. I'm 4 hours away and could make almost any weekend with little notice.

I'd love to hear 10 or more of us ripping through that track all at the same time. Wouldn't that be loud?.. :)

Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla:

hey everyone, what is the largest jump you've ever cased, or the worst crash you have been in? worst injury? Last week i cased a 100+ foot triple at freelin MX. landed directly ont he face of the landing. I was ok tho, the worst crash ive been in was when my bike rolled over me in the whoops and my footpeg sliced open my thiegh. My worst injury however was when i looped out on the face of a 50 foot double and landed on my chest, breaking 4 ribs, my sternum, and momentarily stopping my heart. Anybody else have a really bad crash, injury, case?

I was going to say something that was not going to be nice but I changed my mind.


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Yeah, TT road trip!! I'm flying out for the MXDN, if someone can take my bike with them, I'll meet you guys at motoman's!!

I'll try to get some video filmed of stuff here dad doesn't do such a good recording job though.... :)

Your tracks look big though!! Ours are all small and tight.

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