largest jump ever cased!

Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla:

hey everyone, what is the largest jump you've ever cased, or the worst crash you have been in? worst injury? Last week i cased a 100+ foot triple at freelin MX. landed directly ont he face of the landing. I was ok tho, the worst crash ive been in was when my bike rolled over me in the whoops and my footpeg sliced open my thiegh. My worst injury however was when i looped out on the face of a 50 foot double and landed on my chest, breaking 4 ribs, my sternum, and momentarily stopping my heart. Anybody else have a really bad crash, injury, case?

Hey Vanilla:

Freelin doesnt have a 100+ triple. The triple is only like 70 feet the 100 is a double. Is that the jump you mean. Man you really screw yourself up alot huh? The worst wreck I ever had was at Baja on Memorial day. I was racing 16-24 and they dropped us and 25+. I pulled a hole shot with Jeff Curry and then fell in that sandy section after you go down the back of Kong. I got ran over by a guy in the 25+ class and then knocked out a few 125jr since they dropped them shortly after our drop. Man that sucked. Freelin is racing this weekend you should come out. I am riding Saturday then heading out to Log Road for Sunday. Sweet bike by the way.

yeah, im waiting on some parts to come in so im currently not able to ride. I HATE UPS!!!!!! they never deliver ont heir promised date! lol, anyways, hope my clutch comes in soon.

Yea I just replaced the clutch in my bike. I had to go to Tech-Care to buy. I just bought the OEM Plates and replaced. You ever order from Yamaha of Troy. They can ship to me almost overnight at no extra charge.

Wrapped my rm 250 and myself at 35-40 mph. Broke just about my left side. Just a little one.

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