'03 450F opinions

I was looking at getting an 03 450f, and was wondering what you guys thought about the bike, pros and cons.

I see you have a 98 400. I went from that bike to my 450. It's alot different. Much better bike obviously. It's a little much to get used to in the beginning but if your strong enough you'll love the bike. It rips.

I love my 03 yz450. I came off of a 426 and the 450 is super easy to start no starting procedure to go through, and it is lighter obviously. The bike is great it just rips. You will need to replace the junk stock chain and bars. You will bend the bars after your first crash like butter. I think you will enjoy the 450!! :thumbsup::devil:

I had a 98 YZ400F and didn't like it at all, I rode a YZ250F for a couple of years then moved to an 03 YZ450F and I love the bike.

I highly recommend a decent flywheel. The crank mass is like a YZ85 and the ignition mapping is highly strung. You can get a lot of wheelspin out of the corners on dusty hardpan and mud, stalls in hairpins and bogs/stalls on landings if you have low levs. Put some weight behind it and it becomes both faster and easier to ride than a CRF. Other than that, I love my bike. This one's a keeper. :thumbsup:

Is there any bad things with the 03 450fs, like alot of stalling or bogging, and how much would a heavier flywheel be and do i really need it?

some bad:

1) clutch ... you can "fix it good" by getting expensive aftermarket setup (hinson or the yam replacements) for the basket, pressure plate and inner hub ... or simply drill more holes in the stock one.

2) flywheel takes getting used to ... i have the 6oz dubach one and love it.

3) there's the power "hit" that takes some getting used to, but you'll feel more manly than all the other riders at the track :devil:. :thumbsup:

Once I put a DRD flywheel on the bike, it was much nicer to ride. Less stalling, less hit.

have you thought about maybe getting an 04 for cheap? right now dealers are blowing out the 04s. so you could probably get an 04 for close to what you would pay for an 03. just a thought :thumbsup:

Best $4100 bucks I've spent in quite a while. Without a heavier than stock flywheel, they can be a bit ferociously snappy, but mine's fine with the 4oz Dr.D.

(Note: Dr.D flywheels are more effective with less weight than most of the bolt on types, because all the added weight goes on the outside diameter. If I had not bought the bike with a 4oz, I probably would have gone for the 6oz)

The bike is much lighter and more powerful that a 400 or a 426. With a good exhaust to broaden the power curve, and a flywheel weight, the whole power hit thing is vastly over rated. Of course, my last bike was a CR500.

I do agree, though, that the 04 is a significant improvement, since it has better forks, and already has added flywheel weight (not to mention Ti pegs). At prices in the neighborhood of $4700 new, I'd do that.

1) clutch ... you can "fix it good" by getting expensive aftermarket setup (hinson or the yam replacements) for the basket, pressure plate and inner hub ... or simply drill more holes in the stock one.

Where would I drill the holes in the stock clutch?

how is the starting on the '03, and does anyone have an '04, and what do you think about it?

i just bought my 04 3 weeks ago and i love it. i cant believe i ever rode a 2stroke 250. compared to an 03 that i have ridden, the "hit" is mellowed out a little bit and i really like the new front forks. best $5300 i ever spent.

how is the starting on the '03,

Simple, easy, one or two kicks usually. Can get cranky once in a while when stalled hot, but usually not. (Mine does not like to cooperate when pointed up a good hill.) The hands-off-the-throttle rule is a bit of a myth. Mine seems to favor lifting the slide just off idle when cranking, hot or cold. What you cannot get away with is any kind of 2 stroke style, twist-as-you-kick action. The accelerator pump will flood the engine if it doesn't start on the first try. You knew that already, though. Learn what the bike likes and you'll ruin its bad reputation.

I would buy the 04. They are so discounted now that it makes no sense to buy a 03 unless it is really really cheap. :thumbsup:

what is so bad about the '03 clutch? What does it do that makes it so bad?

Mine is a little grabby,or jerky (if thats a word)when starting off or when you let it out slow,but i am used to it and dosen't bother me. I dont slip it like i did on my to 2 stroke or use it nearly as much so not a problem.

do you guys think that 3300 for an 03 Yz450 is a good deal? I don't know anything about the value of the new bikes :thumbsup:

Sounds cheap. Be suspicious. Maybe he's just tired of trying to sell it, or maybe it's a distress sale, like a divorce, or something. Could be, too that the prices of 04's have dropped that much and it's forced his price down. Could be a bike that needs an overhaul, too. If it's a good bike, it's a great price.

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