First 450 ride...

Well i took my new 450 out for the first time. It is a great bike. I took my old 426 out too just to ride it first so i could really compare my new 450. The 450 is smoother, more powerful, lighter, and better suspended. I know you have all heard this before but this is my take. The 450 has great low-end, much better roll-on than the 426. I like the 4-spd, but it takes a little gettin used too. Overall, I am very pleased. After about too laps to get used to the bike i was putting down better times than the 426. Needless to say i am excited for the next race! It doesnt take anything to get used to this bike as it basically rides just like the 426 but does everything a little bit better.

My one fault for the day...

Usually when i get a brand new bike i tear it down and grease all the bearings ect, lube everything up good, set the sag, AND record the stock suspension settings(which are usually the same as the book). This time i didnt record the suspension settings.

Well, I noticed when i was riding that i was getting a little headshake and some deflection, so i thought well time to start adjusting. Well, It just so happens that my dealer cant read or count. The compression adjs on the forks were at 14 and 11. The rebound at 7 & 9. :thumbsup: Well, with a few changes i.e. maybe having the forks even!, the bike rides awesome. Much better than my revalved 426.

Sorry for the long post, but in short, the dealers do screw up so always check over your new bike.

:devil: Jason

Congrats! Also check your tire pressure, they can come waaay high.

Took care of that before i rode it. 20 lbs is a little high.

Now if i could figure out how to change my screen name??!! :thumbsup:

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