Jumping or not jumping?

Im purchasing a 99'YZ400f soon. What can i expect from it jumping/agreesive trail riding. I know the 400fs are not up to par with the 426's/450's. I would get a 426, but to much money. And whats the top speed of one of these things?

I think everyone is pretty happy with these bikes for trail riding. With the jumping you will probably notice the extra weight. But It is kind of nice, because it is very stable in the air. Not like my old 125, that is kind of hard to jump straight if the takeoff is crooked at all. Be shure you start out on little jumps first so you can get the throttle control right. If you let off the gas before you get off the ground, you will endo, maybe even go over the bars.

For "opinions" on how fast the bikes go, look at the "what have I done" post, and you may be able to search for a similar post. I call them "opinions" because nobody seems to get the same speed.

i would guess a stock 400/426/ would top out aat about mid 90mph range, the new 450, having a 4 speed trans specific for moto, will probobly top out a bit less, more like the high 70's to low 80's.

Hey I got clocked at 95 mph by my friends KTM 520, I also rode his then gave it back and said ride long and strong.

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LOL, thanks guys.

are we talkin WR or YZ? the YZ is more specifically for moto and gets up to speed faster, but that can be changed on the WR by going to YZ timing. what else can you do? run 15./46 gearing, that should get u up over 100

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