What should I look for when buying a used YZ426?


So I'm looking around at various YZ426's to buy...a '00 and '01 is the year I'll probably end up with since I'm trying to get into the bike around the $2500 mark. Are there some key things to look at when inspecting the bike prior to buying it? I'm going to check the wheel bearings, swingarm bearings, bent radiators, headpipe connection, and fork & shock seals. Anything else I should be looking at that can be visually inspected?

I would check the air filter and oil. It is usually a good sign of how well the previous owner has kept up on maintaining it. I would probably go for the '01. Yamaha updated alot of things that year from '00. I am not saying not to buy a good clean '00 though.

Check the Frame rails for dents - check welds at steering head/bottom of frame rails, Check oil color /condition, check airbox for how clean - tells a lot about the current owners care for the bike. Check the wear on the chain slider - pay close attn to any wear on the swing arm from the chain, Also the chain guide, look at the brake rotors/pads for wear. See how easy or hard it starts - could determine valve wear/adjustment time. Check the clutch by riding it. See if it wants to lunge forward with the clutch lever pulled in

& how the bike starts to go when letting out the clutch. See if the subframe is straight by looking at it from the rear of the bike,chain

& sprocket condition. Ask lots of questions about the maint of the bike - valve adj when? Oil changes ? Etc.. Also the accelerator pump is not sealed I believe on the 00 but is on the 01? ANYONE?. It will need to be cleaned if not already. That should get you started. :thumbsup::devil:

Out side of everything said above

Spin tires make sure you see no flat spots or wobble and tires spin freely no rickiting noises.

At the same time make not of brakes make sure not warped bent or cracked.

Check make sure all spokes are there and tight, can do this by running a screw driver accros them same tone should be heard or there in.

Look for Rust in welds, bolts

Look for oil leaks.

If you start the bike ask for a or bring a 12mm and slightly loosen the oil feed to the head (Right side) and make sure oil flows well.

look for cracks in engine cases, cracks in wiring or splices in wiring.

Take some one with you that has knowledge if you can and write all this down as a check list.....

last Take vin from frame and Engine

go to DMV make sure its legit

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