The stutter/hesitation is gone

Oh yea, its totally smooth at any steady throttle setting. the final thing was to unplug the TPS, read my post in the jetting forum.

Finally, If you have read some of my old posts, I've been determined to get rid of the bog and the steady throttle stutter/hesitation on my 03WR450. With the JD kit the stutter was better and the bog off idle was gone. Then I closed off the ACV and it was even a little better, then I unplugged the TPS and the Stutter is completely gone, it is totally smooth at any throttle setting, which I was starting to think wasn't possible. And its got more power than ever, now without the bog you can just blip the throttle without the clutch and lift the front wheel. So don't ask me why Yamaha would put that stuff on the carb if it doesn't work, I think the idea they had was in the right direction, but like other stuff the manufacures have tried in the past, the ACV and TPS don't work very well. For any of you 450 owners try it you'll like it. Red #5, 160 main, 40 pilot, 1 1/2 turns out at 4500 ft.


Please tell us exactly what you did. What did you do to the ACV and TPS and what was your method of disabling them?

Cheers :thumbsup:

5 spoke, Hopefully you checked my post in the jetting forum to see what I did. let me know if you have any questions.

Wow!! I took a ride this morning and all my troubles were gone. No stutter, no loss of power and all I did was unplug the stupid TPS. I left the ACV alone for now.

Man, it makes me so mad that I've been riding the bike so long with this irritating stutter and all it took was a 1 sec. unplugging of the stupid TPS. What the hell was Y thinking putting this piece of crap on the bike? I feel like jumping on it a few times and then mailing it to them.

OK that felt good.

This morning I'm putting in a YZ exhaust cam :thumbsup:.

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