hand gaurd interfers with throttle housing

I am putting on tusk hand gaurds. I finished the left clutch side and am on the accelerator side. The throttle housing interfers with the insertion of the hand gaurd screw. Can I cut the throttle housing off at the edge of the bar? thanks

Yup, it needs to be cut. Take your time and don't cut any more than you need to. After you get it installed check the throttle movement to make sure it isn't dragging on the handguard or it's mounting bolt. If it does, you may need to trim some more. A little at a time is the best way. Good luck :thumbsup:

You can take a dremel or die grinder and grind the shoulder off the end/inside of the throttle tube...(make the hole bigger and slide it in a little. I've done this to most all of my bikes and it works fine and this way the throttle tube stays the same length so your grips fit like they should. :thumbsup:

Thanks. I recently bought the TrickD/S kit but I can't find instructions anywhere. Did I lose them or were they not there? Is the endurance speedo that comes with it ok or is there an alternative seems time consuming installation.

WHen I installed my enduro engineering guards I had to loosen the throttle tube assambly and slide it in about 1/8th inch worked great and no cutting. :thumbsup:

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