Yamaha's Answer to the crf!!!!

Just kiddin'

Red Riders!!!

pas.jpgYamaha “PAS Smile U Casual”

Release date: July 15, 2002

Coloring: Light Orange/Vivid Red

(All models in 24 and 26-inch


Just razzin guys!!!!LOL


Maybe "I" will ride red sooner than later!!! :D

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hehehe good one, hucker.

lol,Good one. :)

Do you know if Dr D is going to be doing a Carbon Fibre Basket for the front? And will Acerbis be doing Front and Rear plastic in different colours... I think a Ceet gripper cover would also be in order, as well as some lower proTaper Bars

I do like the way they have considered those of us who use our bikes to bet some groceries as well.. nice billet rack on the back, can I retro-fit it to my 02?

The SuperMoto guys are going to be jealous of that 550/600mm disc brake front and rear!

Thanks for the spy pics...


BTW, what size headlight will that lighting coil power?

Is it a 4 speed

Crap I hate 4 speeds :)

Plus under the seat is that a carbin Fiber air box

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switch out that 36 tooth front sprocket for a 38 so you can lug it out of 2nd in the tight stuff

Missing a 60+ foot double on that is gonna hurt! :)

I just read on a Euro-Yammy site that this is actually the YZ model.


Wider and higher handle bars....probably twin wall

Carbon basket instead of aluminum.

Wider foot-pegs

MX style fenders instead of enduro style

No head light

Kickstand option only

Electric start will be optioned on the YZ


:) And most interesting to US on this TT site..............1spd tranny only on YZ model!!! :D I heard Ty Davis will have a LMTD 3spd and Timmy Ferry will have the stock 1spd while BLOCKING out 2nd for SX series!!

You will have to wait til' Dec02 for the "TRICK" 2spd tranny for more of the trail riding feel!!!! :D

Dry wt is rumored to be at the 44kilo mark!

92lbs!!!! :D

I guess they will be installing a couple of elect. outlets at each and every MX track! :D

I read the same site, you failed to mention the lil gismo on the handle bars that run down to the thingy ma-jig on the front wheel. being the new Auto Hot Start Button

Or is that the WR lighting :)

Thats a WR look at the head and tail lite's

Hey what you trying to pull Rock Hucker :D

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