Exhaust can on a wr 450 04 model.

I am interested in losing the massive heavy can on my wr450 04 model. I have seen a nice akropavich titanium can and link pipe bu wonder how hardy this will be off road.

I have them on my Mille and find the metal very thin, they dent and mark easy.

Anyone have any experience of them or similar items, are they much noisier than stock and how will it affect jetting??

Any tips well received. PS it is a UK spec bike, with the legal e marked down turned exhaust tip. I would like to add this to the new can!!


If your not worried about noise (like me) get a standard YZF 450 pipe! I got one for £50 off e-bay, its titanium so its light and it gives you a lot more power! as its made by yamaha it fits perfectly! my bike is an 05 WR450 and the pipe is off an 04 YZF, basicly the pipe off a steel framed YZF 426/450 will fit straight on no probs!

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