Favorite Bike Stand?

So, the old orange Home Depot bucket scared the crap out of me on Monday when my bike tipped off the side all quick like. I believe my WR made a threating move towards my car parked in the garage just because it's jealous that it only gets to play on weekends. Lucky for me I stepped in the middle just in time before any damage was done. So, I figured I might break down and actually buy a bike stand. Anyone got any recommendations? I figure I'll drop the extra $30 or so and get one them fancy pump action ones.

I had been over at Trav and Irazu's place, and they each have one of those "pump up" bike stands. After seeing them in action, I got one too.

I went cheapo, and got one from a local auto parts store, "Schucks", I think.

Anyway, the quality is suspect, but I paid about $60 for the thing, and I am glad I did. It is easy to get the bike off the ground, the bike is stable and you can lock it out so the weight is not on the oil actuator.

You may want better quality than what I got, but they are good lifts.


Probably see you out at Taneum this weekend.


I'm nearly finished making an allow pivot lift stand. Got material for free, so only cost has been the rubber mat ($5) and my time. I'll post some pics when finished.


I used to use a bucket too and it sucked. I just have a 12" by 12" (approx) piece of plywood on my hydraulic floor jack. It works great and is very stable. Pretty much a "junkyard" solution, but it works for me.


Rubbermaid step stool. Hey it works for me! Plus I use it when I load and unload my bike.

i have the FMF lift stand.. its been working great and its strong to. :thumbsup:

This stand works great. :thumbsup:

If you use steel it's a bit heavy. Aluminium would be better.

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