Chroming plating YZ450F Frame

A buddy of mine did his RM250 frame in chrome and it looked sweet. I was thinking about doing this to my YZ450F frame. Besides making sure the holes are all plugged is there anything I should be aware of? Can chrome plating the frame damage it?

Thanking you in advance,

Can't imagine the added weight. :thumbsup:


Motocross and riding ain't about the weight and performance, it's all about the "bling, bling" right? :thumbsup:


don`t know exactly if chrome plating can damage your frame, but i can imagine it possibly could.

To chrome the frame it has to go to a chrome bath. This bath is heated up and the chrome chaps the metal! This could cause, that your frame looses his original strength!!! To be sure, talk to a metallurgist!!!!!

I had always heard that you weren't supposed to chrome plate the suspension parts in a car because the process weakens the metal.

While I don't know for sure if that's true, if it is that could be a bad idea for a frame...

Why not just strip and polish it?

I saw a process last night on Biker Build off

it was called aluminum coating. They treated the Frame then rolled it in ceramic beads to polish the crap out of it.

The frame came out looking like Polished aluminum :thumbsup:

I wouldn't chrome the frame. Just have it professionally polished if you want it to look shiny. I had my frame, swingarm and wheels polished and they look just like chrome.



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