July 4th Weekend Ride in Maine

Here is info from Eric regarding July 4th Maine ride. I think your bike may need to be road registered, but I will check with him. I plan on going up only Sunday and leaving from Old Orchard Beach, Maine. If you are also going up only for Sunday, let me know if you want to hook up in OOB for the final 2 hrs of the 4 hr drive. Here is latest info:

Looks like several will be showing up thursday. I may, or may not, be around. We have a couple trips planned and will fit them in one way or another. Friday will be a "running in" day, I can change some tries, help prep bikes, whatever. Plan on spending a few hours rutting up the woods.

Saturday will be the RR bed ride. Rusty and Brian have done this before in the WORST of conditions. Wish for nice weather and this is a really neat, mellow, ride with a wee bit of challenge in the middle.

Sunday is floating. A technical ride is in the plans, I've preridden all and it is 145 miles round trip. We can either make it a DS ride depending on skill levels, or we can travel a bit and try something different. All depends on what the group wants. If we do the tech ride, Lynda will be running pace.

Ideas? A logistics guru I'm not. Ya'll have to talk Rich into coming up and he can plan. He's da man when it comes to this. Too bad he whimped out to the wife. ;-)

What to bring:

Rain gear. Hate to say it, but ya never know up here.

Bug Dope. 'Skeeters have been lugging off small children this year.

Scott "Turbo" Goggles. If, by some chance, it does rain, you'll thank me. These things hardly fog in all but the nastiest condx.

Handerchief. It's very dry right now and the RR bed ride is going to be a dustbowl. Unless your wives actually enjoy watching you use an icepick to rid your nose of mini cinderblocks, you'll want the handkerchief.

For Friday night, bring beer. We're planning on (wx permitting) a bbq at the Garagemahal. Lynda will provide her awesome Spud Salad and the whatnot, and the rest can pitch in for dead cow or fowl.........

If a certain suspension guru truly does show, He can have the choice of either my Pig or my KTM. If not, he can remember that he's welcome at any time, not just a ride weekend!

Gotta run,


What's the deal if you can only make 1 or 2 of the days?? Sounds cool. 145 miles, talk about some monkey but.

You just show up for whatever you feel like. No big deal. Yes, 145 miles sounds like a full day of senic riding in Maine. Like I said, I am just going up for Sunday. You can go and hang for the whole weekend if you are up to it. Just go to the yahoo xr650r board and through out a question for info. You are sure to get a quick response from Eric.

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