Dune riding

I agree with some... disagree with some...

Dune riding on 4-strokes is great! You don't need the high-revving power to get going like you do on a 2-smoke. The power is there instantly and smoothly, therefore it doesnt take forever to get going.

As far as being dangerous, a good point was made earlier that I agree with. Mud riding can be much more demanding on an engine and bike.

In the dunes, as long as you keep your airfilter cleaned, I'd say you are good to go. It does put a little more strain on your engine, but I dont think your engine notices it. Just let her cool down every now and then and I'd say you'll be good to go.

yznvegas wrote: blah blah blah!

If you are talking about a 250 2smoke then I would agree that it would be hard on the engine but, if you ride a big bore thumper in the sand for 6 hours on a weekend, clean the filter, change the oil, grease the axles, steering head, swing arm and other like parts, (preventive maintenance) you should not have a problem.

I have ridden the same bike in the dunes 4 to 5 trips per season for five years and I never had a hint of a problem and that bike was a 500cc 2 stroke. Yes, it had a little paint missing on the bottom front part of the frame, big deal.

I don’t hear the people who have quads crying about their paint, motors and bearings on their machines.

Are Quads made with special anti sand blast coatings, impervious bearings and "sand motors"? Boy I can’t wait until they build 2 wheel bikes out of those super materials.

I was just trying to inform the people who aren’t familiar with dune riding know that they should pay special attention to those sand attracting areas of their bikes after riding in the sand.

If it makes you feel good for you to bash me in front of the internet, go ahead. I thought this was a forum where people could share there experiences and advice.

I know that I don’t know it all but, maybe someday I will and when I do, maybe I will change my screen name to J.R.yznvegas.

Take care and ride safely

P.S. when you are riding through that Nevada or California desert, be sure to avoid those nasty sand washes. I wouldn’t want you returning from your ride without all of your paint intact.

Xrider, thanks for the reply, only one problem, you misqouted me. I think in your anger you made such a hasty move and cut and pasted the wrong person's post.

Have fun in the sand.

Oh, by the way, if you re-read my posts, I did say that it was fun, I just said it puts wear and tear on the bikes much faster.


No I purposely quoted fireballsocal's interpretation of your post. Kind of a "DITO" from me.

Anyway, there are good points to just about everything that everyone has to say about riding in the sand. I just think that any bike will last the time that you would want to own it until it was out dated anyway and yes, special care should be considered when riding in the sand frequently.



a couple years ago my buddy went to pismo for his first ride on his brandnew 2000 ktm 400[?].he had great time riding but bike has been rusting ever since.within a month after that first ride his spoke nipples were all rusty chain ,coutershaft sprocket and various other nuts and bolts were all covered in rust.rear brakes also began to stick.i know for a fact he washed bike and lubed the hell out of bike as soon as he got home from that ride.

Now you are talking about salt damage, not sand.

Sounds like someone rode on the wet sand at the beach or possibly into the surf?!?! I have seen it before and will see it again, but it always seems to amaze me that someone would willingly ride into salt water.

The sand goes everywhere but's not the main problem, it's more the engine who will heating up in the dunes. So check out if your water level is okay, i blast the water seal pump and the Cylinder Seal in the desert.

Also i cleaned the airfilter 2 times in the day !

Get also a 18' backwheel and put a michelin desert on it, alternatively a paddle wheel.

The MotoCross 19'Wheel tires aren't so good in the sand.



i agree the rust is caused by salt.most of time where you find sand there will be high salt content.my point being neither salt nor sand are good for motor.sand is makes great abrasive to where coating off parts and its that much easier for salt to penetrate metal.

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