OEM 650L parts to create dual sport kit for 650R?

i haven't looked into it too much, more or less just day dreaming, but from what i understand you can buy bits and pieces of the baja designs dual sport kit if need be.

i'm thinking, if that's the case, would it be possible to substitute parts off the 650L in place of baja designs parts?

has anyone thought of this? i'm wondering what parts i could pull off the 650L and save some cash.

any ideas which street legal-related parts would work in a swap from the L to the R?

Anything is possible however I wouldn't recommend it. Years ago I made my own dual sport kit to register an xr350 and I got it all to work using various parts and pieces (switches, lights, horns, etc) from different bikes. What a pain in the :thumbsup: When I did my 650r I got the Baja kit and what a breeze in comparison. In my opinion get the kit and spend your time riding not fabricating parts and pieces for the install.

I haven't tried it because i have a L. But, something to keep in mind is the frames are different. (Really Different) so mounting might be a problem but, they are parting out L's all the time on e-bay for cheap. Some one just bought an entire swingarm pluss all the parts attached to it including the shock for 140. That's brakes wheel etc.. so the parts are there cheap. Find a friend with an L and work out the mounting issues before you wast some money.

yeah, you're probably right roll it on. i'm not in too big a hurry to make it street legal since i'm not getting a new bike until next winter. so i have the time to piece it together but i'd probably be better off just buying a used baja designs kit off of ebay. just figured it would save some money.

yeah, jlp, there is a lot of good stuff on ebay. i comb through that site at least once a day. we have a 650l so i could probably put it side by side with the 650r and see what would move across. who knows, now that i think about it i got about a million other things to take up my time... we'll see.



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