No spark, stator issue? (91 xr600)

Got this screaming deal on a 1991 xr600 that has no spark, doubtful that it's the CDI so we pulled the stator.. wires and windings look fine so we decided to scrape the crap off the top of the metal poles, going to test it today and hopefully it'll work. Seems the stator is generates some electricity as when we use a digital(no analog) multimeter it gets some sort of voltage reading as we kick it over. Do you think this could possibly solve the problem?

pics of the stator



Basically, do you think cleaning off the top of the poles could have helped?

IT SPARKS!!!11 wooohooo..

how much oil does the bike take?

pulling the side case makes it take the rebuild amount 2.6 litre, oil change is nomally 2.0 litre.

Well, It has the pale-st spark in history and will not ignite fuel but we did get to fire over!. It needs the ignition stator poles rewrapped and until then, it's not going to start without breaking my damn foot(felt like I did a few times from kickback)

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