Clutch saga part II

FYI. Initial intro to this clip if anybody ever searches on it. Changed out plates and fibers and clutch would not disengage tranny properly. Went through the proper routines many times and through some great feedback from Ego, Vanilla and others. Took it out on the track for practice and it got a little better but still stalled 3 times. Then took it to, (believe it or not the Pro Action man.) He saw the Raptor clutch lever I have on and he said that's your problem. Come to think about it I've had problems stalling in the past but nothing like with the new plates. Plus I've been off the bike a month. I took it out of the lowest notch on the Raptor and put it in the middle and sure enough, the easiest pull notch they have doesn't pull the clutch cable far enough in to disengage the clutch. I put it in the middle. The clutch isn't as easy to pull in but at least now my clutch fully disengages. Guess the it took new plates to make to see this.

Thanks a ton for everybody who responded!!!!!

good to hear that your clutch operates properly now!

My MSR Raptor didnt engage all the way until I took all the freeplay out of the lever. Now it works much better and the feel of engagement is close to stock. The only time I move it back to the middle hole (stock position) is when I am practicing starts. Later,


Of Course! the Raptor clutch problem

I knew that all along

Whats a raptor clutch



I have the shorty version. It's a clutch lever and perch that they have three different holes to give different types of leverage to make the clutch pull easier. The inner most hole is supposed to reduce clutch pull by 300% which isn't true but it does make a difference. With the new plates, I adjusted the clutch cables to every adjustment and still no difference.

Middle hole does work better. However, on the line, when the card turned side ways. When I revved up the bike a touch, it just shot into the gate and I had the clutch all the way in being safe. Real puzzler and there's nothing like going 1-9 for the day.

I'm ready for a new bike!!!! :)

Who sells the raptor, wold like to get a look at it?

I know the new bike thingy, I am thinking of posting my 426 and ysr50 on ebay as a set, to get a 450.......

ysr has 170 orig miles and is almost showroom...

My wife says sell the bikes and get a spa :)

I say sell the wife and get a spa :D

kfrosty; thanks for posting the fix for this problem. Letting us in on what you've found helps alot.

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