hour meter for 426

hey guys, i just came up with a cool idea to know exactly when to do maintanance on your 426f, or any bike. i simply purchased an hour meter from work, made for HD commercial equipment, and put it on my bike. now i can change the oil 5 hour intervals and check valve clearences every 10 hours or so. here is a pic http://galeczka.tripod.com/DSC01577.JPG if anyone is interested, i can get these for real cheap, so let me know!


and check valve clearences every 10 hours or so.

Why so often? I ride my bike 1-3x a week hard...and I only have had to adjust my valves 3 times in almost 2 years. To each there own I guess.

That is a pretty neat gauge...but why do you need it? Just change your oil when you feel is appropriate. Later,


That will come in handy someday


I didnt see the pic, but its a cool idea. I dont know if Id do it, but I can see its value.

yeah, i mean it just gives you a general idea as to how many hours you have accumulated. and i dont really check my clearences every 10 hours on the bike, but thats just an example. i think its a neat idea and only cost me 20 bucks. weighs like 2 oz or less. btw, if th epic doesnt work, copy the url into your browser and try again.

It's a great idea for those of us that don't count rides based on laps or number of heats.

It would be kind of cool if Yamaha offered up something like this. Till then....

Thanks for the good post!



Were did you get that meter.

I would be intrested in building some, that are securly mounted and attachable to the Haggle Bars

my uncle runs a small machine shop out od his basement. i would be able ot make some cool aluminum brackets to mount this thing. i also can annodize.

i get them through work. i am a 2nd level commercial technitian for weingarts, north america's largest outdoor power equipment dealer. Im currently working on building a mount and clear box to accomodate this meter.

So you get them at a bulk Rate

Let see how many of these I can bulk up in me pockets :)

I have been running some designs down to build a small Allum bracket.

If I checked my valves ever 10 hours, I would do that as often as I change my oil, actually, I don't have to change oil, just add, my valve seals are shot and it just burns up, but that is why my bike is sitting naked under a tarp in my backyard. you guys must be old. I go out and ride from 10 in the morning to 5:30-6 at night. that is almost 8 hours! that is a lot of riding, and most of it is some of the hardest lines in the area.

yeah im old as hell, im the only 17 year old still riding! i dont actually check my valves every 10 hours, but that was just an example. i too will get up at 10 and ride tills undown, but my bike isnt running the whole time. with breaks, and taking time off to eat/drink and swim in the lake next to our track, my bike is only running about 5-6 hours in that day. but you get the idea.

I've always wanted one of these. Count me in.


The clock is cool an all, but I want the moto track next to my lake deal :)

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