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OK, so I am the new guy and can't seem to find 'the drill' posting that I have heard people talk about. Background - I am a roadracer turned to MX for cross-training and loved it. I was squishing a TTR125L around the track, until yesterday when I picked up my 2000 426. I had started it when I was over looking at it to buy, no problem, first kick. I got out to the playland and had a b*tch of a time getting it going. I was so frustrated and tired by the time I did get it started, I couldn't make enough laps to get the hang of it. I was able to start it with the hot start after killing it on a jump. Any help would be appreciated!! I did read the article on MXA which seemed to be good. I can't wait to try again today.


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First Things First

Welcome to TT

I have an 00 also, I did a few mods to it, BK (Best Mod), Blue Wire (Did Nothing).

Outside of that there are a few rules to follow.

<ul type="square"> [*]Make sure the carb is well kept, you may have to pull it apart and clean it, blow air though allits guts.

[*]Air Filter is clean and freashly oiled not to much not alot, The beast will suck in everything[*]check the Valve clearances make sure there in spec

and last [*]Learn the starting drill, live it, love it dream it, and rip the arm off the fool who touches your throttle and beat him sensless with the bloddy end of it

The throttle should never be touched untill the bike is lit up never never never never and did I mention never...............

I am sure others will have something to add to help you out.

Can you list what is on the bike i.e exhaust, mods if any...Hours of use (estimate)

Oh Ya do you know what jetting is in it stock or ?

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Hey EGO, thanks for the info!! That was about the biggest thing I gathered from the other posts (and when I gave up for the day and decided to read the manual!). I wish I knew all those good questions to ask when I bought it, but didn't. Here is what I know - the guy didn't know how many hours were on it, but said he had just used up the first chain and sprockets on it, and replaced them. The ones that are on there look new. I am assuming stock jetting, as the pipe and everything is stock. He did say he had the fork oil changed at the end of last riding season. What is the BK mod? When I could start it, I had a blast on it! It seemed to have tons of power.

Thanks again!

Oh yeah, it has Pro Taper bars and triple.

Sound like you have an unknown. If it was my purchase, I would tear into the bike. I would

1: pull carb, clean and validate the jetting.

2: Pull and clean the Airbox and filter /Replace Filter if needed

3: Pull the Valve cover off and chk clearance per manual

4: Replace oil and filter.

5: Go over the engine torq specs i.e. clucth, crank and so on.

Once its done or prior to check the compression of the engine. On second thought check it first before tear down, then check it after its put together.

The bike is a blast once its running and in spec. I have no issues at all starting my 00, 2nd kick cold, 1st kick warm / hot.

The BK is know as the Brian Kinny mod a factory wrench who did this for Tim Ferry's bike.

It reduces the duration of the excelorator pump and makes it adjustable to your liking.

You can find the setup at look under Tech Articles / BKMod

Good luck

PS what di you give for your 00 just curious

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Great, thanks for all the work you gave me! :)

I do appreciate the helpfull info for the not-so-educated novice. I will post updates as I proceed. By the way, what should I expect for compression?

What ever the Manual says, dont have one handy.

What did you pay for the 00?

2002 TTR125L (about 15 hours) + 900

Sound OK?


What did you pay for the yz426 2000?

Yeah, that was what I was trying to say, I traded him for my 2002 TTR 125L and gave him $900. He wanted my TTR for his son.


Sounds like ya ripped the guy off :D that would make your deal worth about 3200 bucks

the 00 by kbb show $4260. Looks like you can spend 1k for fix its :)

Awsome deal, for a RR'r your alright

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Now if I would just retire from the roadracing, I would be able to spend $1K on the thing all the time. Set of race tires for my 2001 GSXR 600 - $375 which is gone by Saturday evening, usually need the second rear by Sunday morning, another $200; entry fees about $200; gas and travel expenses, another $200+. I need a cheaper hobby, and I hope this MX'ing is a little bit! It sure is tougher on the body!

I hope I didn't rip the guy off too bad, it was him that suggested the trade!

no, you took ego's sandy vasoline and got him good! :)

I call it SandOline

Ouch! Well, like I said, he suggested it so I hope he can't come back and ask for more money!! :)

Was this guys name Sledge :)

and was he from...

Ahh never mind

What worse: Coming up short on a 75+ foot double or getting high sided at 100+?

I should probably ask Jean Micheal Bayle.

By the way, until ya get the total hang of it, grab the master cylinder instead of the throttle while your kicking it. The inadvertant blip is the killer of the start cycle. And if ya feel like you need to start over, Just twist the throttle wide open and hold it, pull the compression release and kick it about a dozen times all the way through. It should be dry inside by then, and should start no problem. If you have access to race gas, your starting issues will decrease even more. The bike doesnt have to have it, but sure does like it. Enjoy your new thumper.

OK, one last question and then I will let this one go...

I have been doing more research on this starting thing, and found one procedure that seems to have conflicting opinions, so I thought this would be the best place to ask. Do you blip the throttle twice quickly before the first start for the day?

Thanks again from the rookie.

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If you follow this drill it will start 1st or second kick Hot or Cold, once you have it tuned and the Carb cleaned

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