New Guy - Starting Question

OK, OK, but even in that article you posted the link to it says this:

Cold start tip: Before you start the YZ-F for the first time, give the throttle two little blips. This will put a small dose of fuel into the top-end. No more than two blips. Never blip the throttle before starting a hot or warm engine.

Does this mean air temp cold, not just the first time for the day?

If it has't been started in a long time than you can blip it.

ok ok mis understand

yesit is ok to just blip if the bike has sat awhile 1 -2 weeks

Something would have to be seriously wrong if I let it sit for 1-2 weeks! :)

Alright, I am armed and ready for my second attempt at riding it tonight. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me.

I really like this website, you guys really have helpful insight.

Thats one small step for man

on Giant leap of faith for the new guy Hehe

Glad we can help

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