lean after bk mod

anybody do the bk mod and have trouble with bike running to lean..i did the mod, now my jetting is a 45 pilot, 1.5 out, needle on 5th, 172 main, and still showing a grey plug and the muffler is almost white at the tip...runs good but is still to lean...thought it was odd after reading about everybody running a 165 to a 168..

When was the last time to really douched the Carb.

Total clean

Plus Let me ask how do you go about checking the Plug,


Wide open shutdown check

or idle check, any clues would be good

just cleaned the carb..checking the plug at throttle wide open..i prefer to check the jetting by the pipe though...mine is burning almost white..like i said, bike couldnt run any better..but running lean bothers me..done checked float leval twice..bout to wear my carb clamps out taking carb off, :):D

Can you check the pipe for the fuel mixture? I have never heard of this, but it makes sence. I have a little black soot in it. This means it running rich right?

TXThumper what you described is perfection, not lean. If it was lean, the plug would look new, and it wouldnt pull. Your in Mecca boy, stay there.

Originally posted by txthumper:

anybody do the bk mod and have trouble with bike running to lean..


(RPM and throttle position please, then we can fix your problem).

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