If I want to run a fat bar????????

I am new to the Yamaha thing. What are you guys that want to run a 1"1/8 bar doing for clamps? Looks as if I need a whole top clamp. What kind do I get? What should I expect to pay? I would like to run my Scotts steering damper. HELP!!

My bike came with Fat bars on it. The person before me used inserts that bolt to the stock 7/8" tripple clamp. Yeah it is the cheap way out but it works.

My bike has the adapter under the fat bars too. The thing I really like about the adapter is the extra height you get in the bars. I'm 6'4" and the adapter gets the bars up where I like them. I also mounted my Scott's damper on the front fender and I love it there. I just set the low speed damper setting for the type of terrain I expect to see that day and leave it alone.

I have a Scotts damper on my CRF flattracker that I want to use on my new YZ450. I called Scotts today and they told me $259 for the top triple clamp, 1 1/8" bar mount, and the bolt on bracket. I am leaning that way, but don't have the $259 right now.

Pro Taper top clamp the mounting postions are adjustable. Great clamps for tall guys with YZ's

If you want quality bars and a triple clamp try the tag privateer kit. It comes with an 1 1/8 bar, an upper tripple clamp, bar mounts and grips, all for about 250 bucks. trust me tag makes a great product. all you have to do is select a bar bend that best suits you.

Pro Taper top clamp the mounting postions are adjustable. Great clamps for tall guys with YZ's

I'll 2nd that . Serco (OZ) do a copy of that clamp which I have on my WR. Very Nice product. bars.jpg

I've got some fat bar adaptors i'll ship to you for $20.

P.M. if interested.


that is one trick setup! :thumbsup:

Hamish that is the same setup I have and I love it!!! But I dont have all of the woods stuff.Dont need it on the MX track. The new style Pro Taper clamps have rubber mounts but I am really happy with the set I have.

As mine is a WR and street reg'd, the speedo is mainly there for the sake of the police when the pull me over. Also comes in handy for service frequency. Those serco top clamps are $AU214 retial which I thought was pretty good value :thumbsup: I'm 6'4", so have them adjusted all the way forward. As I've only been riding dirt for a year I'm still not completely comfortable in the standing position, but this is the best setup for me so far.


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